Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It,s been so long.

My goodness it,s been so long since I,ve blogged that you have probably gotten tired of looking for me. I just haven't had alot to blog about. My life is very exciting because the Lord is teaching me a whole lot about life and humility. Lately I have been spending a whole lot of time in the word and in some wonderful christian based books. I have been reading Smith Wigglesworth books " Ever Increasing Faith" and his book " The anointing of His Spirit". They are old books written back in the 1800's . He was born in 1859 and had an amazing ministry that went all over the world. He was an uneducated man full of the Holy Spirit. He saw many souls brought to Christ and loads of healing's. He knew a whole lot about walking in humility in step with the Lord. If you want to see wonderful results in your walk with God, I would highly recommend them. I had read them years ago but I guess that I just wasn,t ready to receive them. God works in mysterious ways. Right? Some of the other things that the Lord has had me into is a book called " As America has done unto Israel" I believe that this book should be in every classroom in America. I have ordered a few copies to loan out to others. May America never turn her back on Israel. Milt and I love the ministry to the Jewish people called the Fellowship. It is instrumental in bringing the Jewish people back to their homeland along with other phases like feeding the widows and supplying needs to the immigrants. There is so much to be done and so few workers. Is it not just like what Jesus said. We are praying to be so filled with HIS SPIRIT that we will know HIS mind and HIS heart continually. A few months ago I wrote a song for JESUS. This is the words to it. Hope you like it.
Come Holy Spirit,Sweet Holy Spirit
Search deep into my heart
Help me to listen,to hear you so plainly
That folks just can't tell us apart

Come Holy Spirit, Sweet Holy Spirit
Help me to listen for you
To hear you so clearly
To love you so dearly
Come Lord and fill me anew

Come Holy Spirit,Sweet Holy Spirit
Shine your pure light down on me
Show me thy Kingdom that I have been granted
Because I have trusted in thee.

Show me thy kingdom that I have been granted
Because I have trusted in thee.

Lovingly, Roberta