Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Trouble on every side

Hi All, What a beautiful day here in Maine. Lots more leaves are budding and it just smells like spring. Milt is trying to get the lawn in shape but there is just so much to do. We love to read and pray together in the mornings so unless we have something really pressing like a Dr. appointment, we like to spend our mornings together doing just that. At ten we love to watch the 700 club. We have watched it for many years. So that makes breakfast at around 11 for me. Almost seems sinful doesn't it? Most of our friends know that we don,t make many commitments before noon. Retirement is not all bad. It keeps you close to the LORD. Even as we listen to all the things that are going on in our world, I can not help thanking GOD for all of HIS Blessings and HIS protection. Surely HE is our safe harbor. As I write this I have just heard that the swine flu is now in our state and in our local hospital. We will be praying that it will not spread through our town. Reminds me of a song that I sing quite often. It,s called " Greater is He that is in me" Satan's like a roaring lion roaming to and fro, seeking whom he can devour - the Bible tells us so. Many souls have been his pray to fall in some weak hour ; but GOD has promised us today, His over coming power. That same overcoming power is still our's today. Thank GOD!!! Love ya, Roberta

Monday, April 27, 2009

It,s all about Freedoms

Hi All, Just checking in this evening to say I sure have enjoyed reading your blogs and comments today. It,s just been an ordinary Monday around here. My true love has been working down in the back forty today so I decided to clean my bathroom in preparation for the new flush and sink top. They have needed to be replaced for a few years. My knees felt like spaghetti when I finished. Andy our son came up after work to help his father put it in. About the same time a couple of our friends came by and he pitched right in and helped too. God is always so good and supplies our need just when we need it. I had a neat time sharing with Ellen and I,m quite sure she heard alot about my grandchildren in Fl. There,s nothing worse then a bragging Nana. lol. It,s all about God and His love for us. As I have said so many times " We are so blessed" Reminds me of a song that I learned many year,s ago. Freedom to laugh is my privilege, Freedom to cry is my choice, Freedom to have the Lord Jesus and in Him forever rejoice. Freedom to smile in my sorrows,Freedom to pray through my prayers,Freedom to have life eternal and constantly conquer my fears. Freedom to win men to Jesus, Freedom to bear the good news, Freedom to bring them salvation And teach to them corporate views. Freedom to pray for your burdens Freedom to be one with your fears. Freedom to share with your sorrows, Freedom to have the Lord near. Freedom to live in the body, to be fed from the throne up above. To be hid in the fruit of the Spirit, to be led by HIS heavenly dove. Is this not our walk and our privilege. We thank GOD for our freedoms every day. Surely there is true FREEDOM in the constrains of our Heavenly Father. He really does Love us. My prayer is that I will Love like HE does. Blessings, Roberta

Saturday, April 25, 2009

IN Times like these

Hi All, In quietness and confidence shall be my strength. Is 30:15 We are so blessed. Never since the beginning has the need for people of faith been as great as at the present, wars on every hand,high inflation, dilemmas abound. What a time we are in. What is it that one person can do? Let me ask you a question, Can energy costs go so high that GOD cannot afford them? Can GOD supply food as He did for forty years in the wilderness? Is our God too small? If WE put GOD in a test tube, how can He answer big prayers. We are living in a time when we need a big GOD, a God capable of meeting our needs. GOD did not merely save and then hang us out to dry. Chuck Swindoll recently said " BELIEVE IN JESUS " then " BELIEVE JESUS". GOD when He saved us made us part of His family, His responsibility. No father desires his child to starve, to go unclothed nor to be raised contrary to His own principals. GOD does not meet our needs because we are good children but because we are HIS children. Consider the LORDS prayer in Matt 6 OUR FATHER in verse 11. Give us this day our daily bread v 12 forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors. The LORD put asking for provision before asking for forgiveness. We can ask GOD for provision at any time- HE IS OUR FATHER. Now GOD might not be pleased with us BUT you and I are still HIS children and HE will supply our bread. Maybe not just what we want but what we need. I had a friend that told me of an experience that he had in Bible school,every morning while at family alter they would pray for coal, for that day, for the stove and every day GOD would send enough coal to last for that day. One particular day it was his daughter's turn to pray, she said LORD send us enough coal to last us the rest of the winter and I don,t even care if YOU send it in paper bags. About mid morning there came a knock on the door. There stood a man who said, I have a load of coal for you, I hope you don't mind if it's in paper bags. I stopped writing this testimony of GODS goodness for several weeks and had no idea why GOD was holding back and telling me to wait. We were getting low on fuel oil and I was trying to make what little I had stretch until the last of January. GOD told me that HE wanted me to experience what I was writing about. If I am going to write about faith, I would have to exercise some so I started to pray for heating oil. Sure enough somebody came along and gave us some oil enough to last us the whole month. So you see Faith is the confidence that our GOD will deliver.LORD, Please increase our Faith to that level of true dependence upon you. In JESUS NAME. In christian Love, Roberta

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Till the storm passes by

A few day's ago we met an old friend, a brother in Christ at the grocery store,asked him how everything was going and what he had been up to. He started to relate to us how the Lord was using him mightily by giving him small but uplifting messages for folks that had either lost their way or through sickness, no longer were attending church. It had turned into a very effective ministry and he is able to reach these people by just placing his conversations with the Father on paper and passing them out. The Lord began speaking to me about placing some of them on my blog. Hope that you enjoy his thoughts and blessings to the body of Christ like I am. The first one is called " In times like these" Till the Storm passes by. I being in the way the Lord led me Gen 24:27 You've been discouraged, perplexed and confused. You've come to the end time and time again. Only to find no end in sight. You have even wondered about your relationship with the Lord. Sorrows abound, maybe it's a sick child,spouse or other loved one. When does it end? I remember Dr. Jacob Gartenhaus,the founder of inland board of Jewish missions had a message, " What makes a man great" I missed the message but asked a friend, What does make a man great? He answered, Troubles, Problems and Heartache. There would NOT have been a Daniel had there not been a lions den, nor a Shadrach, Meshach, or Abednego had there not been a fiery furnace. There would Not be a book of Job if he had not lost all of his children and the scores of other things that happened to him. Cheer up! GOD is working on you to make you better,greater, and a more worthy servant than you already are. I often sing this song " Keep me close till the storm passes by" In the dark of the midnight I have oft hid my face,while the storm raged above me and there is no hiding place.But I know Thou are with me and tomorrow I,ll rise where no storms ever darken the skies. Till the storm passes over,till the thunder sounds no more, till the clouds roll forever from the skies. Keep me safe ,Let Me Stand in the hollow of thy hand, Keep me safe till the storm passes by. Can anyone relate to a plea like this? Lovingly, Roberta

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Home safely, THANK GOD

Hi all, Seems like forever since I've blogged. We had a wonderful trip home, without incidence and that was such a wonderful blessing from GOD. There is so much traffic out there and some people just seem crazy. We only stopped over for one night so we were both bombed out for Easter Sunday. We just crashed and were so thankful for John Hagee and several others on Sunday morning. Sunday evening we went to our church service. It was great seeing all the Maine part of the family of God. They were glad that we were back and it's nice to be missed. I'm sure that they will tire of all the stories that we have to tell and the bragging that we do about our grandchildren. Every time I would find Milt at the fellowship after the service, he would be telling a Jeffrey story. However,coming home has had it's trials with our furnace messed up and the dryer refused to heat. We had to have a new something for the furnace and the man that came to fix the dryer told us that it was in the electrical box. So after charging us 68 dollars, Milt changed out the breaker and it worked great. So much for foreknowledge, at least where we're concerned. However I said all that to say this. I know that my God has a plan and that it is a perfect plan and that He is bringing it all to pass. I'm so thankful for my church family and my immediate family who love us and watch over us even when we are apart. It is hard for me to be away from them but it's only for a little while. We are so Blessed. Thanks for your comments, they are a like a great big hug. Love you all, Roberta