Friday, June 5, 2009

It 's June

Hi all, It,s June can you believe it, We have been busy doing all kinds of things. Planting and spring cleaning,UGH The nice part is that we are almost though. The flowers are looking so beautiful and I wished that I knew how to put them on my computer so I could show you all like KIM does. Never the less I do have a neat message for you all. The LORD is alive and well and He can,t wait to tell us so. Every time that I look at the awesome new spring coming to life once again it reminds me of HIS Love for all of HIS creation. Makes me want to be full of all the virtues of His Holy Spirit,You know,like Love,Joy,Peace,Patience,Kindness,Goodness,Faithfulness,Humility,and of coarse Self-control. Oh yes,good old self-control. As a child of GOD I am eligible to have received all of this wonderful fruit but I sure do wished they would all manifest themselves continuously with no interruptions. In the meantime as a christian, I will seek the fruit of the Spirit, which is the nature of Jesus being produced within me. It,s all to wonderful as we see Jesus working out His perfect will for each of our lives. I love and trust HIM more each day. Enjoy HIS Blessing as we walk in HIS appointed path in the coming day,s.In HIS LOVE, Roberta

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The Real Me! said...

Oh my Momther. I miss you so much!
I love you!