Tuesday, May 12, 2009

oh my goodness

O my goodness it,s been so long since I've blogged just because I've been so busy. It's great to be busy and about my Fathers business. We have started going to a new fellowship on Sunday mornings and it has been quite an experience. Of course we're still going to our other fellowship also. It's called the Bridge and their main ministry is crossing over into the lives of people who probably have never gone to church or maybe never will. They just go out and become a friend to anyone that needs friendship and encouragement. Last weekend a group of young people from New Hampshire came and ministered to us. They go all over New England with the message of Gods love regardless of the response, There were probably fifteen of them in their early twenties,from all walks of life. The Lord has blessed them with His gifts and some of them have been able to interpret dreams and also the gift of healing has been flowing through them and they are seeing quite a few healing's. It was exciting to see them so full of the Holy Spirit. After the meeting they prayed for everyone and sent us all out with fresh power to witness and just be there for anyone who has a need. The young man who spoke over Milt and me, gave us a word concerning maturity in our walk with the Lord and that the Lord wanted to use our wisdom to minister to the younger folks in the fellowship. It was a great meeting and we left truly built up in the Holy Spirit. Since it was Mother's day Milt took me to a real fancy eating place right on the water. We didn,t know that we were supposed to have reservations' but of course my LORD prepared the way and had someone not show up and we got a lovely seat right on the water. Of course I don,t eat much beef but I ordered Prime rib. It was huge and I got to take it home for Milts and my dinner the next day. It seemed really funny because the tip was more then we usually pay for dinner. It was fun and I felt so blessed. Later we went down to our regular Sunday night fellowship for church and one of the guy's made Lobster Rolls for afterwards. We always have a fellowship snack, meal time after the service. Then we went to see our son who gave us two more Lobsters from his trap's for our dinner on Monday. Our children all called and sent cards and Andy brought us up ten pounds of fresh haddock. Talk about feeling special. God is so good to us. I hope that you all had a really blessed day. I try to read at least a few of your blogs, I love hearing about all you are doing. Love and Hugs, Roberta


The Real Me! said...

I'm still laughing at the fact that Dad tried to "show" me the lobster in the fridge! Brad was going to call up and ask if he could "see" them. Ha! Ha!
I love you my most excellent mother!

Jennifer said...

Wow...what an amazing ministry! It also sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day! God is so good to us and makes a way where there seems to be no way!

Take care!