Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Trouble on every side

Hi All, What a beautiful day here in Maine. Lots more leaves are budding and it just smells like spring. Milt is trying to get the lawn in shape but there is just so much to do. We love to read and pray together in the mornings so unless we have something really pressing like a Dr. appointment, we like to spend our mornings together doing just that. At ten we love to watch the 700 club. We have watched it for many years. So that makes breakfast at around 11 for me. Almost seems sinful doesn't it? Most of our friends know that we don,t make many commitments before noon. Retirement is not all bad. It keeps you close to the LORD. Even as we listen to all the things that are going on in our world, I can not help thanking GOD for all of HIS Blessings and HIS protection. Surely HE is our safe harbor. As I write this I have just heard that the swine flu is now in our state and in our local hospital. We will be praying that it will not spread through our town. Reminds me of a song that I sing quite often. It,s called " Greater is He that is in me" Satan's like a roaring lion roaming to and fro, seeking whom he can devour - the Bible tells us so. Many souls have been his pray to fall in some weak hour ; but GOD has promised us today, His over coming power. That same overcoming power is still our's today. Thank GOD!!! Love ya, Roberta


The Real Me! said...

Well you know what I say my most excellent mother....You can always come back here. We haven't heard any reports yet! LOL.
I love you!

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Amen! That was awesome Roberta! Yes, He will prevail. May He protect you both from the flu.