Monday, April 27, 2009

It,s all about Freedoms

Hi All, Just checking in this evening to say I sure have enjoyed reading your blogs and comments today. It,s just been an ordinary Monday around here. My true love has been working down in the back forty today so I decided to clean my bathroom in preparation for the new flush and sink top. They have needed to be replaced for a few years. My knees felt like spaghetti when I finished. Andy our son came up after work to help his father put it in. About the same time a couple of our friends came by and he pitched right in and helped too. God is always so good and supplies our need just when we need it. I had a neat time sharing with Ellen and I,m quite sure she heard alot about my grandchildren in Fl. There,s nothing worse then a bragging Nana. lol. It,s all about God and His love for us. As I have said so many times " We are so blessed" Reminds me of a song that I learned many year,s ago. Freedom to laugh is my privilege, Freedom to cry is my choice, Freedom to have the Lord Jesus and in Him forever rejoice. Freedom to smile in my sorrows,Freedom to pray through my prayers,Freedom to have life eternal and constantly conquer my fears. Freedom to win men to Jesus, Freedom to bear the good news, Freedom to bring them salvation And teach to them corporate views. Freedom to pray for your burdens Freedom to be one with your fears. Freedom to share with your sorrows, Freedom to have the Lord near. Freedom to live in the body, to be fed from the throne up above. To be hid in the fruit of the Spirit, to be led by HIS heavenly dove. Is this not our walk and our privilege. We thank GOD for our freedoms every day. Surely there is true FREEDOM in the constrains of our Heavenly Father. He really does Love us. My prayer is that I will Love like HE does. Blessings, Roberta


Debra said...

Had to giggle about the knees like spaghetti but then composed myself enough to say ... beautiful post, my friend.

Blessings to you!

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Amen! God is ever so gracious and loving. You are a sweet blessing Roberta. I so love reading your blog. I leave here feeling lifted up every time. Blessings to you through Him!

The Real Me! said...

Very well put my most excellent mother! We miss you all so much.
The kids got your card today and the SNACK money! LOL.