Thursday, April 23, 2009

Till the storm passes by

A few day's ago we met an old friend, a brother in Christ at the grocery store,asked him how everything was going and what he had been up to. He started to relate to us how the Lord was using him mightily by giving him small but uplifting messages for folks that had either lost their way or through sickness, no longer were attending church. It had turned into a very effective ministry and he is able to reach these people by just placing his conversations with the Father on paper and passing them out. The Lord began speaking to me about placing some of them on my blog. Hope that you enjoy his thoughts and blessings to the body of Christ like I am. The first one is called " In times like these" Till the Storm passes by. I being in the way the Lord led me Gen 24:27 You've been discouraged, perplexed and confused. You've come to the end time and time again. Only to find no end in sight. You have even wondered about your relationship with the Lord. Sorrows abound, maybe it's a sick child,spouse or other loved one. When does it end? I remember Dr. Jacob Gartenhaus,the founder of inland board of Jewish missions had a message, " What makes a man great" I missed the message but asked a friend, What does make a man great? He answered, Troubles, Problems and Heartache. There would NOT have been a Daniel had there not been a lions den, nor a Shadrach, Meshach, or Abednego had there not been a fiery furnace. There would Not be a book of Job if he had not lost all of his children and the scores of other things that happened to him. Cheer up! GOD is working on you to make you better,greater, and a more worthy servant than you already are. I often sing this song " Keep me close till the storm passes by" In the dark of the midnight I have oft hid my face,while the storm raged above me and there is no hiding place.But I know Thou are with me and tomorrow I,ll rise where no storms ever darken the skies. Till the storm passes over,till the thunder sounds no more, till the clouds roll forever from the skies. Keep me safe ,Let Me Stand in the hollow of thy hand, Keep me safe till the storm passes by. Can anyone relate to a plea like this? Lovingly, Roberta


Jennifer said...

Amen! I really enjoyed that today! Very powerful truth!

Have a wonderful day!

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marcy said...

God works in mysterious ways. Just today I was in a store and waiting behind a man who had to go back after another item. The woman behind me got very upset about that and now i know that I need to minister to people like that in the future, but I did miss that golden opportunity. the worl surely needs more of God's message.


Omah's Helping Hands said...

What an awesome post as always Roberta. Thanks for sharing that. Blessings to you.