Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Grandparents Day out.

Well here it is, another Thursday, seems like the weeks fly by so quickly.
This morning I woke up real early to read my Bible and be able to meditate on
what the Lord was trying to say or get through my thick head.
I just love it when He wakes me early to spend quality time with Him.
I just kinda bask in His presence and let my thoughts dwell on the things that He is
showing me from the Word or some other Spiritual book.
Lot,s of times He will just let me sink deeper into His amazing love for me and I will feel a very deep and special release from the cares of this world.
It has not always been this way, when we were raising our children and my husband
was still working. It was usually hit or miss. We never got to pray together and I
always had devotions by myself. Now it,s so nice to be able to pray and read
together. Retirement isn't all BAD.
Today we had grandparents day out. No takers except Jeffrey. We went out for
lunch and then to do a little shopping. It,s such fun. Pa-Pa and I really do enjoy
our Grand kids . They teach us so much about life and help keep us young.
When we get tired,we can retreat to our little cottage in the back yard and relax.
We believe that the Lord watches over us and all of His children. Watch for His
Blessings. Remember He is the one who said" Blessed are they that hunger and
thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled. Peace and Grace to you all, Roberta

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Jennifer said...

Sounds wonderful! Glad you enjoyed a wonderful day with your grandson.