Monday, March 2, 2009

Momday again Praise the Lord

Hi all,
It,s Monday again and here I am thanking God for a great weekend. Yesterday the Lord was so awesome because we expected to have a great day in Him. We went to church at Our Father's House. We are really getting to know the people there. Yesterday they had a luncheon for the new people. We learned alot about their doctrine and it all sounded good. It is a non-denominational outreach. The Pastor has been there for 17 year's,serving with elders and deacons. We have been going there for about 6 weeks. It's always hard to go to a different church. We just hadn't found any place that felt right. Hard to get plugged in when we are here 6 months and in the north the other 6. The Lord has been really dealing with me,concerning the Sabbath. Making it a very special day for Him. I get so excited when He starts dealing with me on any given subject. Do you ever just know that He is working on your heart? Reminds me of the Song: Lord it's my desire just to be like you. Say the things You say,Do the things you do. Let me hear your still voice above the other noise and let me be what You want me to be.
We also got an invite to join a fellowship group from the church. That was nice.
Today we've had fun with the grand kids and received our Sky Angel pkg. and Brad, our Son-in-law hooked it up for us. We are so Blessed. Love in Him. Roberta


Homesteader in Training said...

I am so glad that you found a place down here that you both like.
I'm glad you FINALLY got Sky Angel hooked up. Dad should be happy for another 6 months. ha ha!
I love you MOMTHER!!!

Roberta said...

I'm glad too. It will be nice for him to have sky angel.
I love you too. Mom