Monday, March 30, 2009

Maine or Bust

Hi All, Another Monday, They seem to roll by so fast. It,s almost time for Pa-Pa and me to take the long treak back to Maine. I always have withdrawal pain's for a couple of weeks before we leave. I really have a kind of separation anxiety until we get on the road. I guess that I think no one can understand my grandchildren as well as their Nana can. We have spent so much time just doting on them all winter. Now it's again time to trust the Lord and their parent's to take up the slack. BUT we sure will miss them all. Spiritually, we have grown a little more into maturity in the Lord. We have attended a wonderful spirit filled ministry called "Our Fathers House. " and met some really sweet people there. We have joined a great fellowship group. We have read some wonderful books together including Billy Grahams new book called " 'the journey" I would recommend it to everyone. It,s Christianity in a nut shell. We just loved the way He put it all together. We also took the Fireproof Love Dare, and we've been married a long time. It,s really worth your time and effort to do it with your spouse. I,m going to try to continue doing the blogging at least once a week after we get home. We are so busy up there. I will be back playing my violin for church and hoping that my neck doesn't give me the trouble that I had last year. I,ll be reading your blogs to see what the Lord is doing in all of your lives. It will be interesting to see what the Lord has in mind concerning the economy,right. I still want to be a 1st class soul winner. We,ll see. Remembering " Is anything to hard for the Lord" Genesis 18:14 Affectionately, Roberta

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Mel said...

Safe travels it sounds like things have been wonderful!!!