Friday, February 27, 2009

For is Glory

Hi everyone, It's kinda late but just want to say that God is so good to me.
Every day is so full of the goodness of God. I just finished writing to our two boys that we have through compassion International. One is from Haiti and the other is from San Salvador. They are so thankful for our support and we just love hearing from them. John is twelve now and is growing in the Lord. He tells of the terrible storms that the Lord has protected him and his family from this last year. It's such a blessing to read his letters and to watch what God is doing in his life. Wilber is only 6, but he and his mother attend a Church of God in their country. His mother has been very sick for such a long time,with terrible headache's. We have been praying for her for a couple of years. In his last letter, the Lord had completely healed her. His letters,written by either his mother or an aunt are always filled with their love of Jesus Christ. We are so blessed to be apart of their lives. Can you even imagine what our reunion will be like in the hereafter. Do you think that we will recognise them and they us? I just know that God will see that we are all joined together in all of our earthly relationships because that's just the way HE is. Sometimes I can hardly wait. I find the older I get, the more I find myself contemplating these things. Thanks for reading my note's Love ya, Roberta Romans 12:10

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Jennifer said...

That is so beautiful! I believe that we will know each other...everyone that we have blessed and those who have blessed us.

You are an amazing family and I am truly inspired by you!

Have a great weekend.