Thursday, February 26, 2009

For His Glory

Hi just had to put something on here, even if it's only to say Hi. I've been praying and believing that the Lord will give me some real great revelation to blog about. So far it ain't happened. We got to take Brody our 3 year old grandson with us for the first time on a shopping trip today. He was so good and had such a fun time with us. Grandchildren are so much fun. I think when you are the parents you just don't have the time or the energy to really enjoy them. Honestly, they come out with the funniest and the most intelligent wisdom ever. Today we had a family of ten over for dinner, our 6 yr. old grandson came out to tell us that this family really likes grapes, so we just felt we must go to Sam's and get them some for their enjoyment. Amazingly he was right,he had observed them at the church dinners and knew exactly what would please them. Who would think a 6 yr. old would be so observing? Anyone got any grandkid stories??? I love them. Love In Him, Roberta

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