Friday, February 13, 2009

My testimony part 10

Spring came with it,s warming trend that everyone looks forward to in Maine after the long, cold winter. On the morning of April 17th, I got the children off to school . It was Friday and I had many errands to run. After cleaning up the house, I left for Wiscasset where Milt operated a service station. He was busy so I went on to Brunswick to do my shopping and get my hair done.

It was about 3pm when I finally arrived back at the service station. Milt told me that a couple of our christian friends had invited us to go out and eat with them. I called my mother to see if she would care for the children. Yes,She and Dad would feed them supper,take them home and put Chris to bed. After that, Andy could baby sit until we arrived home before nine.

Jeffrey would be going to Brunswick,picking up his friend Rosie and bringing her back to the Dog House, a small restaurant in Wiscasset. After they had eaten, they would return to Brunswick where Rosie lived. This would be his first real date,even though he and Rosie had sat togather in church and we would bring her home on Sunday afternoons.
Rosie was such a sweet girl, and we all enjoyed her company. Jeff would play his guitar, and they would rehearse songs to use at the youth group meetings. We were proud of them because they seemed to be really trying to be good examples for the other young people.

They were not perfect of course, but were always encouraging others who had problums that they didn,t seem to be able to handle. Most of all they were always ready to pray for others. Jeff never seemed to lose his happy spirit, even when things didn,t seem to be going as well as he would like.

About 5:30 pM , we left to go out with our friends, returning to Wiscasset about 7:30. We stopped at the parents of our friends, who told us that Jeff had been involved in a terrible accident back in Brunswick.
As Milt wheeled the car around and we started back, I remember praying," O Lord , Please don,t let them be dead."
My mind raced with thoughts of hospitals and pain. Suddenly as I prayed , I knew in my heart that Jeff was gone. My heart turned cold.

As we arrived at the scene, police cars blocked both sides of I-95. An ambulance was just pulling away. God in His mercy and perfect timing knew that we wouldn,t be able to look upon thoes two precious shells that were now well on their way to Glory.

I remember leaning over the car, with my face pressed into that cold, hard , metal and praying.
" Lord I don,t know why, but I know that You do. Praise Your Name."
Then I turned to Milt and said, " Lets go home".

It gets better, blessings Roberta


Jennifer said...

Oh, Dear Lord...thank you for comfort, strength, grace and mercy during such a horrible time in their lives.

I can't imagine the pain that you felt losing your son and his girlfriend. I know they were instantly in the presence of the Lord but you were a grieving mother.

You testimony continues to move me deep in my heart and spirit. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

Roberta said...

His Love and comfort is way beyond our understanding. Hi Jennifer, Thank you for feeling my heart at that very hard time in our lives. Jesus is always enough.

Debra said...


I know that it had to be the Lord's Spirit upon you giving you that kind of peace that transcends all understanding because even as I am reading this I am so heavy hearted for you.

I am anxious to read more.

Omah's Helping Hands said...

Oh Roberta, what a horrible experience to go through. Thank heavens you were in the Lord by that time. You are an amazing woman. It's great how God can pull us through those hard times in our lives. My heart sunk when reading this one. It went out to you and what you and your family must have been enduring at that moment.
Thank Heavens for His strength, and your strength in Him.