Saturday, February 14, 2009

my testimony part 11

The next few hour,s were full. Our pastor, my folks and many of the body of believers gathered around us. It all seemed like a bad dream and soon,and soon we would be waking up. I remember walking to the edge of the woods behind the house. I felt numb all over and wondered if those terrible sobs, the gut-wrenching sounds, were really coming from me.
My hurt went so deep that it was far beyond anything that I had even heard about, let alone experienced. I felt if the Lord didn,t do something for me, my heart would burst.

Around 3 AM., everyone left. After checking the children one more time, we went in to lie down, maybe try to sleep a little. It didn,t seem to matter anymore.
Climbing into bed, I felt indescribable sadness. Suddenly I felt a definite presence in the room.
I lay very still, hardly daring to move. Soon I felt the arms of Jesus encircling me in such a warm embrace that everything else faded away. I slept in the arms of Jesus till I awakened at 7:am.

God,s promise that His grace is sufficient for all our needs lifted Milt and me to a higher plane, and for the next few days we drifted above all the circumstances and arrangements that were going on around us.
Meanwhile, our friends and relatives were wonderful, cooking and sending gifts,cards and flowers. We will be forever grateful to everyone that was so kind to us during those days.

It was a beautiful graduation service for Jeff and Rosie. Some came forward to receive Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Many of our young people rededicated their lives to Jesus.
It was wonderful to see them so full of God and eager to serve Him with all their hearts.
It was like a revival, especially designed by the Lord just for our youth.
Later on, during the summer, I rejoiced as the young people introduced many others to Christ.
I visited the youth campground and saw signs posted at the entrance to the boys and girls sections: " Jeffwood" and "Rosewood" in memory of our children. It was a special blessing for me.

As we learned all of the details of the accident,the different responses to Jeff,s and Rosie,s homegoing were amazing. The man responsible for the accident was so drunk that a fellow at a service station, where he had stopped, had taken his keys away from him, returning them to him him when the man became very angry.
He had then proceeded to enter I-95 on the wrong side of the highway. After bouncing off one car, he had passed the truck in front of Jeff and slammed head on into Jeff and Rosie.

Thank God for that resurrection power that carried them away - that same power that raised Jesus from the dead. Such wonderful power has been placed into Christians by Jesus Himself.

To be continued, Blessings, roberta


Jennifer said...

I can't imagine what that kind of grief feels like and what it feels like to fall asleep in the arms of Jesus.

What an amazing testimony that your son, Jeff and Rosie have spoken in life and in death.

You have an award waiting for you, so come on by and pick it up.

Have a great weekend!

Roberta said...

Thanks Jennifer, I love your blog. I,m not really into it, but only want to bring Glory to our Lord.

Melissa said...

Hi Roberta, I have been led here by my new friend Kim. I have started from your "beginning" and I was just want to say thank you for sharing your journey. This takes alot of courage and I have been truly touched and moved.
Blessings to you, Melissa

Omah's Helping Hands said...

What a blessing to have your children recognized like that. They obviously served their purpose on earth well, and were needed there with Jesus.
What a heart warming testimony of faith, love, and respect. There is no better place than in Jesus' arms.