Monday, February 16, 2009

My testimony Part 12

Some of our friends assured us that our faith in God would carry us through this testing time. Others felt that we would turn against God because of our loss. But helping us through those many days and weeks was Jesus Christ Himself; knowing the reality of Christ in us, our hope of glory, day by day.

To this day, I still marvel that not once has God allowed me to be bitter toward the man that was responsible for their deaths. I felt only remorse for Him and his family. They, too, must have suffered at his passing. I pray that they have found the Lord.

God had been more than enough. We would have been satisfied just for the assurance of Jeff,s salvation and to know that he was now in heaven with Jesus. That wasn,t Gods plan, however, as He added another remarkable plan to our lives.

Just ten days after Jeff and Rosie,s death, my mother, Velma Rice a christian since the age of eight, was standing in her living room. As she was about to turn on her vacuum cleaner , she suddenly noticed that the room had become strangely quiet. This was certainly out of the ordinary, for her home is located just above and between two very active boatyards and the noise of their chipping and pounding on iron carries through the neighborhood loud and clear. As she stood their quietly in the stillness, She recognized Jeff,s voice speaking to her. It startled her to say the least. Not ever having experienced anything of this nature before, she was rather frightened.

Here is how the testimony of Mrs. Velma Rice was introduced " To the Corporate Body of the Woolwich-Wiscasset Baptist Church.

We are printing this not for the sake of idle curiosity but for the benefit of those who knew Jeff and Rosie and loved them and will be comforted by this testimony and wish to have a copy in their possession.
As Pastor Stevens has rightly taught us , we are not to seek for this sort of communication deliberately, but if God for His own glory and to build up His corporate body and to strengthen their faith sees fit to permit thoes who have gone home to be with the Lord to say a few words of comfort to thoes left behind, this is His sovereign right.
And who can say Him nay?

Mrs Rice is a born again believer of unreproachable character and unquestionable honesty who sincerely loves the Lord with all her heart. As she herself is the first to admit, she is ordinarily not in the least subject to having visions or auditions or experiences of this sort.
Though her real name is Velma, Jeff had called her Mamie ever since he was a child. And as for her own parents,they had passed away before Jeff could possibly know them.
Jeff togather with his friend Rosie Brawn were killed in an automobile accident on the night of Friday, April17th 1970.

So how true this testimony is we will now leave the Holy Spirit of God free to bear witness to you in your own heart.

To be continued, Each time I read or share moms testimony, I again am in awe and so Blessed of God. Roberta

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Jennifer said...

Oh, Mrs. Roberta...your testimony pulls me in deeper and deeper with each new part. I sit in awe of our Lord and Savior for what He has done in your life and your family.

I eagerly wait for the next part.

God bless truly bless me and encourage my heart!