Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My testimony Part 13

The testimony of Mrs. Velma Rice.

The maternal Grandmother of Jeffrey Kelley on Monday April 27,1970, around 10:20 in the morning, Mrs Rice testifies that she was standing alone in her living room when all at once the most perfect sense of peace came over her.
She paused in the midst of her morning,s work,and she discovered that the living room had become strangely quiet. Then she heard a voice speaking to her which she immediately recognized to be the voice of her deceased grandson.

" Hello, Mamie, this is Jeff. Tell Mama not to feel bad,
The air was very still,very clear.
" Hi, Jeff she replied. Where are you?"
" I,m here " And she immediately knew what what he meant.
" Is Rosie there with you? She asked. " Yes she,s here.
We,re both very happy".
Have you seen Jesus?" " Yes we,ve seen Him."
"Where is He now?"
" Oh, He,s everywhere"
Then not knowing what else to say, she felt prompted to ask,
"Have you seen Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob?"
"No not yet. There are a lot of people here. But I have seen your
Father and Mother."
" Did they know you?"
"Oh,Yes" Then he added, "I,ve got to go now,Mamie."

And all at once he was gone again.
He was always faithful in calling home to report where he was. So she believes that the Lord honored this quality in him, and for the benefit of his family and the corporate body He allowed him to report in to them in this way for the last time till we all meet again in the hereafter.

At first she wasn,t going to tell anyone of her encounter with her grandson,Jeff
.After considering the content of his message,however she decided to write down exactly as it happened and call me.
I was at home,still busy writing cards and letters of thanks and appreciation to each one for all their acts of kindness when the phone rang that morning.
My Mom exploded with the news. " I,ve just heard from Jeff" she proceeded to tell me the words that he had spoken to her. I could hardly believe my ears,but one thing assured me that it was true. I knew that ,in all my 34 years, I,d never known my Mother to lie-not to me or to anyone else.
We agreed she would give her testimony at the prayer meeting,which would be held on the following Thursday night.

To be continued. Roberta

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Jennifer said...

That is amazing and gives my goose bumps! God is so good and cares about us in such a way that we cannot begin to imagine or understand. He knows exactly what we need before we ever ask.